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Downtown San Diego appeals to a variety of people.

Between the 6 Downtown San Diego neighborhoods, there is a location that fits just about everyone. I often hear people at the windows of my office look at the options in amazement. One of the most common reactions are, of course, to the prices and the space that comes with those prices.

Before we go into the list of reasons to love Downtown San Diego, lets talk about a couple of common misconceptions. They may seem obvious, but I will throw them out there anyway.

“I can buy a lot more space outside of downtown for the same price.” People don’t live downtown for the space. They live downtown for the lifestyle. When I am not working, I usually am not in my condo. I am typically out enjoying all Downtown San Diego has to offer.

“Downtown is too crowded.” Have you ever taken a stroll around town during the day? It is nothing like living in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York. San Diego still has both the small town feel and the convenience of the urban location!

Lets jump into the list!

30 Reasons To Love Downtown – in no particular order

  1. Convenience Almost everything you need is located downtown.
  2. Drive Less –  I do not like driving. In the last year, I have only put 4,100 miles on my car. That includes a few trips to Palm Springs.
  3. No Maintenance – There is a lot less to worry about living in a condo compared to a house.
  4. Morning Runs/Walks Along The Bay
  5. Beautiful Scenery – Downtown San Diego is a Beautiful Neighborhood
  6. Spontaneous Lifestyle – Half of the time we don’t know where we are going. We just walk.
  7. Little Italy Mercato Farmers’ Market  The Little Italy Mercato offers the perfect snapshot of life in Little Italy. 
  8. Views – High Rise views are often amazing and you don’t need to own one to get it. There are several bars/lounges where you can soak in the views.
  9. Happy Hours – Enough said
  10. Amazing Events – such as the Best Coast Beer Fest, Oyster Fest, and Bacon and Barrels
  11. Walking for Coffee in the Morning – especially weekends
  12. Baseball Season – Walking to/from Petco Park and avoiding traffic to watch a game is unbeatable
  13. Comic Con – This whirlwind of an event basically stops downtown for almost 1 week. It is like being on vacation at home and the people watching is awesome.
  14. Concerts at Petco Park 
  15. Bike Rides along the Bay
  16. Sense of Community – Seeing The Same People Walking Around
  17. Walking Down India in Little Italy – Feels like a scene from a movie
  18. Pappalecco’s Gelato
  19. Cultural Diversity – on any given day you can hear 15+ languages as you walk around downtown.
  20. Energy – Living in the city is always exciting and you feed off of the energy
  21. Public Parks Like Pantoja Park, North and South Embarcadero Parks, and Park at the Park
  22. Quartyard – Outdoor Music Venue with Great Beer and Food
  23. Little Italy Art Walk – 17 blocks in Little Italy. 2016 will be the 32nd annual Art Walk
  24. Not Drinking and Driving – Walk for a night on the town, enjoy it, then walk home. Repeat.
  25. Water Taxi to Coronado/Point Loma
  26. Leash Free Dog Parks
  27. Waterfront Park – Great place to take the children/grandchildren
  28. Exciting Changes – New Development all around Downtown
  29. Gaslamp Events – Like Monster Bash, Saint Patty’s Day, and Mardi Gras
  30. Easy Train Commute – Enjoy a trip with a great view from Downtown San Diego as far as San Luis Obispo.
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