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Digital Ad Kiosks Approved by the City

City Council approved a 10 year deal which allows up to 75 digital ad kiosks to be installed around Downtown San Diego. The advertising kiosks will be at no cost to the city and are expected to bring anywhere from $6,300,000 to $14,000,000 in revenue to the city over the course of the 10 years. In addition, The Downtown Partnership is also going to receive approximately $3,150,000-$7,000,000, or 50% of the amount the city receives, throughout the duration of the deal.

Ad Kiosk Plans

  • 50 – 75 Kiosks Around Downtown
  • Information on Restaurants and Destinations
  • Public Transit Details
  • Access to shelter and services for the homeless
  • Emergency call button
  • Local Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Connect to the “Get It Done’ app

More Details on the Project

These digital ad kiosks will provide information that is vital for tourism, as well as increased security and services locally. From the kiosks, users will be able to look up information about nearby restaurants and destinations, public transit information, access shelter and services information for the homeless, or even use an emergency call button. Each kiosk will also be able to act as a local WiFi hotspot and connect to the “Get It Done” app. The advertising kiosks are provided by IKE Smart City and will likely be installed over the next 3 years. IKE Smart City currently operates in 15 cities, some of which include Atlanta, Miami and Denver.

There was a fair amount of opposition to the deal, given the City of San Diego’s fairly strict signage rules. The largest concern seems to be that the deal violates the city’s current sign laws, which could open up the door for further exemptions or legal challenges for the current signage laws.

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