By: Ryan Ponce On: December 7, 2023 In: Downtown San Diego, Lifestyle Comments: 0

New Regulations for Mobility Devices Along the Waterfront

If you’re planning to explore the scenic waterfront areas, there are some upcoming changes you should be aware of. The Local Waterfront Authority has recently passed a set of new regulations concerning the use of mobility devices. These changes aim to prioritize safety for pedestrians while still allowing everyone to enjoy the waterfront.

Starting on December 14th, the revised rules will be in effect, introducing some important adjustments. Mobility devices, including electric bikes, scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, and pedicabs, will now have restrictions in place. They will no longer be permitted on certain routes such as nature trails, promenades, plazas, parks, parking garages, piers, multi-use pathways, and sidewalks. This includes much of the Embarcadero from the Coast Guard Pier near the airport to the Convention Center. However, you can still use these devices on roadways, streets, bike lanes, and designated areas.

The Local Waterfront Authority is focused on ensuring public safety. Their efforts include the clear designation of pedicab routes and support for responsible pedicab companies and operators.

Furthermore, the revised regulations address various concerns, including the prohibition of amplified sound and music from pedicabs. Riders under 18 must wear helmets, and there are restrictions for those under 16. Additionally, all pedicabs will be required to display official placards or decals and show rates both inside and outside their vehicles. These changes are designed to enhance safety and enjoyment during your visit to the waterfront.

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