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Rumors of a Big Change to 8th and B Street

You may not be too familiar with the area around 8th and B street, but there are potential exciting changes coming soon. Here, the pulse of business resonates through the air, with office buildings just a stone’s throw away. Just a brief walk away, you can enjoy the ambiance of Little Italy or catch a game at Petco Park. Could it be that Bosa Development is planning a new condo building?

Bosa Development: Shaping Downtown’s Residential Scene

You’re probably familiar with Bosa Development. Their influence on Downtown San Diego’s residential landscape is significant. With a portfolio boasting 10 condo communities, they’re adept at curating premium living spaces. Think of the sophistication of “Pacific Gate” or the contemporary allure of “Savina.” With top-tier amenities and panoramic views, they evoke a unique sense of belonging. Bosa’s not merely constructing condos; they’re weaving a narrative in brick and mortar.

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  • Location – 1 full block bounded by 8th, 9th, B, and C Street
  • 40 Stories
  • 503 Feet Tall
  • Neighborhood – Cortez Hill

*these are the current plans according to the permit application and are subject to change. 

Is Downtown Gearing Up for a Shift?

The rumor mill’s churning. The lot bound by 8th, 9th, B and C Street, initially planned as a 473-unit apartment building, might be undergoing a transformation. The word is, it’s shifting towards a new construction condo building. I’ve heard rumors this project was being converted from an apartment complex to a condo community, but wanted to get verifiable information. I decided to check with the city and the permit states “permits for the frame, shell buildout from ground level to roof of a proposed mixed-use condo bldg. comprised of 40-story Res. tower that includes a 4-story podium & 4-level below grade parking. The podium is wrapped on the ground floor with retail spaces & res. lobby.” I’ve reached out to a developmental services representative with the city, but they have not responded.

My thoughts on the direction Bosa will take the project:

This denser approach might also have an upside: making the homes more affordable for a wider range of potential buyers. Intrigued? As we patiently await official word from the city’s planning department, it’s tempting to hypothesize. While Bosa’s signature luxury might be dialed down a notch in comparison to Savina, expect a mix of 1 bedroom units, 1 bedroom + office combinations, and moderately sized 2 bedrooms. Quality remains paramount, but perhaps with a more approachable twist, catering to a broader spectrum of city dwellers.

The plot thickens, and it promises to be an engrossing tale. Keep an eye out; you’re at the center of this evolving narrative.

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