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Another Successful Compass Concierge Story

A few months ago, we were referred to a family who owned a home in Clairemont. The situation was both complicated and unfortunate because the current owner/occupant was terminally ill. His brothers and sisters were handling his affairs with his estate. They needed help making sure that when the time came, the family would have clear title and would have the ability to sell the home. We were able to get First American Title involved and they filed the proper paperwork to ensure a smooth selling process.

The next step was actually selling the home. Unfortunately the property had not been cared for due to the health of the occupant, but the sellers were not local. Through Compass Concierge, we were able to handle everything for them. From the removal of personal items, to doing a minor remodel and landscaping, the sellers did not need to do anything. The home across the street sold “As-Is” a few months prior for $630,000. It was similar in size and had the same bedroom/bathroom count. We felt like this was low, so we told the sellers we could probably get about $680,000 if we sold the property in the original condition, or they can trust us to handle upgrading the home to maximize their return. We estimated that if we spent $25,000-$30,000 it would significantly increase their value. Take a look at the transformation below!

As you can see, the money spent made a significant difference. At the end of the day, the project cost $27,515. We listed the property at $755,000, which is $75,000 higher then we had initially recommended. The best part is, we received offers of up to $830,000. After inspections, the buyers did ask for a credit, bringing the overall sales price down to $815,000. That is still a profit of approximately $107,485! We were able to achieve this without the sellers having to pay any money out of pocket. They were responsible for the exact amount spent on the project out of their proceeds, but were able to benefit significantly from the work done. 

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