By: Ryan Ponce On: December 19, 2019 In: Advice, Downtown San Diego, Marina District Comments: 0

Front street’s 2 block closure expected to last over 15 months

Front street is going to be closed from Broadway to F street in Downtown San Diego. The closure is expected to last over 15 months due to the reconstruction of the Schwartz Federal Office Building which runs from First to Union along E street. The construction is intended to improve the safety of the building. Front street is one of the main arteries into downtown off of the 5 south, especially when traveling to the convention center.

Front street also leads to many of the luxury highrise towers in the Marina District so residents will need to find alternative routes to get home for over a year. Not only will the streets be closed, but pedestrians will also be directed to find alternative routes. They are expecting the construction to begin in January 2020 and be completed by December 2021, but the road closure is expected to be lifted around May 2021.

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