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Gaslamp Promenade

The Gaslamp Promenade is now underway. The idea was originally introduced in 2019 and was met with both praise and skepticism. The concept behind the Promenade was to create Plazas along 5th Avenue from L street to Broadway, which would be closed off to vehicular traffic. These Plazas would allow pedestrians to walk freely and improve outdoor dining. The plan was unanimously approved by the City Council in Mid March of this year. 

One of the major concerns of the project was accessibility for delivery vehicles and trash trucks. If you drive down 5th avenue in the morning, you will understand this concern, as there are typically several delivery vehicles lining the streets on each block. As a solution to this issue, the streets will be closed between 11am – 3am Monday through Sunday. This will be an 8 hour delivery window for businesses.

Project Details:

  • 8 Distinct Plazas
  • Along Fifth Avenue from L Street to Broadway
  • Closed to Vehicular Traffic from 11am to 3am
  • 80′ wide Pedestrian Promenade
  • All intersections will be paved to match the promenade
  • Shade Trees will be approximately 30′ apart
  • Lamps will be approximately 30′ apart and 12′ tall
  • Project is expected to be completed by the end of June 2023

The project is a collaboration between The Gaslamp Quarter Association, Carrier Johnson + CULTURE, Kimley Horn, San Diego Downtown Partnership and the City of San Diego. Gaslamp Promenade’s main goal is to revitalize Gaslamp, while making it a more enjoyable experience for all. In addition to creating pedestrian only plazas, the intersections and streets will be paved to match the Promenade in a pattern that pays homage to the historic neighborhood. Shade trees will also be added approximately 30 feet apart. I am really excited to see this project take shape! Click the button below to see renderings of the Gaslamp Promenade. 

Gaslamp Promenade

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