A New Horizon for Horton Plaza

Picture yourself in downtown San Diego, where the iconic Horton Plaza mall once stood. Now, imagine this area transforming into a dynamic center of modern living and retail. Stockdale Capital Partners is making this vision a reality by planning two impressive 40-story residential towers on this historic 10-acre site. The first tower, set to break ground in 2025 at the former Macy’s location, will offer 518 apartments and vibrant ground-floor retail, aiming for completion in late 2027. A second tower, also 40 stories high, will add 332 apartments on G Street, with its timing depending on market trends. This development is part of the broader Campus at Horton project, set to open soon, which reinvents Horton Plaza as a lively mix of residences and businesses, honoring the plaza’s legacy.

Horton Residential Towers:

Tower One:

  • 40 Stories
  • 518 Apartments
  • Approximately 12,600 sq ft of Retail
  • 616 Parking Spaces
  • Estimated Start Date mid 2025
  • Target Completion Date in 2027
  • Amenities: rooftop pool, gym, clubhouse, dog park, and a pedestrian walkway to the offices

Tower Two

  • 40 Stories
  • 332 Apartments
  • Additional Information TBD

A Blend of Innovation and Lifestyle

The development stands out for its blend of comfort, convenience, and lifestyle offerings. The first tower will feature amenities like a rooftop pool, gym, clubhouse, dog park, and a pedestrian path to the office campus, enhancing convenience for residents who work there and fostering a live-work-play atmosphere. Along with 12,600 square feet of ground-floor shops and ample parking, these features contribute to a vibrant urban community. The second building, currently in the design phase, promises to match this allure. These towers aren’t just about providing homes; they’re about creating a lively, integrated community. With a focus on attracting life science and tech tenants, Stockdale is dedicated to revitalizing Horton Plaza, signaling a rejuvenation of downtown San Diego. This project represents a renaissance, merging history with modernity and community spirit, poised to transform Horton Plaza into a symbol of urban progress and a beacon for the city’s future.

First Tenants At Horton

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