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IQHQ’s RaDD Project

  • Research and Development District (RaDD)
  • Situated on more than 8 acres
  • Occupies 6 blocks
  • 5 Buildings
  • Made up of Lab, Office, and Retail space
  • The total project will be approximately 1,700,000 sf

*Plans subject to change.

IQHQ’s Research and Development District (RaDD) is Expected to Transform Downtown San Diego

IQHQ’s RaDD project sits on the largest, and arguably most valuable, developable commercial waterfront site on California’s coast. The project is framed in by Pacific Hwy, Harbor Drive and Broadway, and sits just steps from the San Diego Bay. The estimated $1.5 billion dollar project will consist of approximately 1,700,000 sf of lab, office, and retail space. The buildings will consist of mainly mid-rise construction and one 17 story tower. Renderings of the project can be found on IQHQ’s official website.

Why is this project so special?

This project is a huge addition to Downtown San Diego, which has never really had a reputation as an employment hub. Most cities house employers at a large scale, but Downtown San Diego has always been known for having a reverse commute. The residents of the city often commute out of downtown for work and then back to the city to go home. IQHQ’s RaDD project, as well as The Campus at Horton, have the ability to change this.

RaDD’s main focus will be life science offices and with that comes high paying jobs. San Diego is the nations 3rd largest life science employer. As of now, Downtown San Diego does not have a life science sector, but that will drastically change with this project. It is estimated to add upwards of 4,000 jobs and generate more than $50m in taxes/fees annually. I truly believe that if IQHQ’s RaDD is a success, it could create a surge in development in the city. Developers will need to fill the demand for additional life science office space, as well as residential to house the employees.

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