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Downtown San Diego is a Very Specialized Market!

Downtown San Diego is unique when it comes to selling your home because people are buying a lifestyle, and choosing a condo based on that lifestyle they seek. I just recently wrote an article, 30 Reasons To Love Living in Downtown San Diego, explaining some of the many reasons people move to the city.  The average buyer downtown is not necessarily looking for space, but rather a mix of 4 things: Convenience, Low Maintenance, Location, and Views.

The Number 1 Mistake I See:

The largest mistake I see people make when selling their home in Downtown San Diego is using an agent that is not familiar with the lifestyle. There are many people that either do not like living in urban communities or simply aren’t familiar with it. There is nothing wrong with that, but how will they be able to sell something they don’t understand? Sure they can throw some photos up, put a lock box on it, and cross their fingers waiting for an offer, but there is a much better way!

Every listing I take gets the attention it deserves. I never use a lockbox, nor do I believe in them. Every potential buyer that comes through your property, is taken through by me, along with their agent if they have one. I show the amenities in the building, the home itself, and then I talk about the lifestyle it offers. I can explain to them why they should be considering your property over the other available homes and because I specialize in Downtown San Diego, chances are I have seen every listing we are competing against. The buyers’ agents goal is not to sell YOUR home, it is to sell ANY home. They are looking to find the right property for their client, whether it is yours or one of the four others they show that day. By hiring an agent, you are investing in selling your home for top dollar and I will do just that!

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    Additional Mistakes I Often See Sellers Make:

    • Not Taking The Necessary Time to Prepare: It is extremely important you take the necessary time to prepare your home prior to listing it. You want it to show well and that takes some preparation. You have one shot at a first impression.
    • Not Requiring The Use of Professional Marketing: Great photos, videos, postcards, flyers, and online marketing are just some of the many vital elements in selling your home. Majority of buyers begin their search online now. The marketing associated with your property is key. Make sure you not only review your agent’s “marketing plan”, but evidence of their past work.
    • Not Properly Staging: We work with staging companies that understand condo spaces. They specialize in maximizing space and matching the furnishings to the vibe of the building. Studies show staged homes net more money and sell in less time.
    • Using An Agent That Has No Knowledge of the Complex: You really want to make sure your agent is knowledgeable when it comes to details on the building. For example, is the building in litigation? Does it have low owner occupancy? What are the rental and pet policies? These are all important factors that they will need to discuss with buyers and their agents. It can even effect financing.
    • Timing is Everything: Typically the only thing to stop your home from selling is the competition. If your property is the only listing available, chances are it will get a lot of attention. If there are six of the same floor plan on the market, it may benefit you drastically to hold off on listing. It relates back to supply and demand.
    Hopefully this article can save you time, money and a lot of stress! If you have any questions, feel free to reach me at my information below!

    Give me a call today at (619) 228-6790 or email me at Ryan@livingthesandiegolife.com for more information or to schedule a tour of the neighborhood!

    And Always Remember, It Matters Who You Work With!