By: Karl Bublitz On: April 16, 2019 In: Downtown San Diego, East Village, Lifestyle Comments: 0

Where is Neighborhood going?

The long-time established bar & restaurant called Neighborhood recently closed its doors for renovations. One of my favorite things about Neighborhood were the exotic draft beers that were constantly rotating and the house made dipping sauces. This bar has been a staple in East Village for 12 years due to its casual atmosphere and welcoming environment. March 25th was their final night before temporarily closing its doors for a six-month renovation. If you are a Noble Experiment fan, you will be pleased to know that they will remain open during the construction.

With all the existing gastropubs throughout downtown, they decided it was time to create something a little different. The developers are aiming to bring the old-school New York style to San Diego. Neighborhood was known for having 32 beers on tap, but the new concept will scale down to about 16 or 18 taps and will be rotated less frequently. The taps will not only feature new breweries, but they will also bring back the popular favorites.

Renovation Highlights

  • Completely redesigned menu
  • New draft lists
  • Menu developed by Born & Raised Kitchen
  • Old school New York feel
  • Bottle shop
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Retail Bottle Shop?

One of the coolest additions to the restaurant will be a retail bottle shop where you will have a rare 14-year archive list to choose from. If you were a fan of their menu, you will be disappointed to know that they are completely changing their food menu. However, the new concept will have a new menu that will be developed by the Born & Raised Kitchen, currently one of the hottest restaurants in Little Italy. CH Projects will be taking on the task of creating and renovating what will soon be a new dining experience to East Village.

And Always Remember, It Matters Who You Work With!

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