Is there a solution for transportation from San Diego Airport to Downtown?

Once you land at San Diego International Airport you have a few options to get downtown that all involve using a car of some sort such as taxi cabs, Ubers and shuttles. Depending on what time you arrive to San Diego, traffic going to downtown can be a nightmare. There are no other forms of transportation around the area to use which will result in you having to wait in traffic. There are plans for a $3 Billion upgrade to San Diego International Airport which should increase the amount of traffic to San Diego.

A recently proposed solution to this would be an Airport Skyway which is an aerial cableway similar to what they use at ski resorts. The Skyway would go from the airport and take various stops along to way until its last stop at the Convention Center. One of the stations would be near the Santa Fe Depot which will allow for easy access to the Amtrak. There were other ideas to solve this situation but currently this is the most feasible option.

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How much will it cost?

The cost associated with building the Skyway from the airport to the convention center would be around $230 million to $300 million. They expect between 1.1 million trips to 1.6 million trips per year. The total trip will range around 25-minutes and each cabin will be able to hold 12 passengers. Since San Diego holds many large conventions as well as being one of the top travel destinations, the Skyway would be a great addition to the city. From and environmental standpoint this will have a very small environmental footprint.

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