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I Have Always Been Against Using Lockboxes. Here’s Why…

Lockboxes allow someone with a Real Estate or Broker’s License to access a home. To clarify, this doesn’t mean they are a REALTOR®. Every REALTOR® is a licensed real estate agent or broker, but not every real estate agent or broker is a REALTOR®. To receive the REALTOR® designation, you must be a member of the Association of Realtors and you are held to a higher standard. As a licensee, you can still pay for access to both the MLS and lockbox access, without being a member. This is important to clarify because, as stated before, as a REALTOR® you are held to a higher standard, but lockboxes are accessible by anyone with a real estate license.

Here are 7 reasons I believe Lockboxes should be avoided when selling your home:

  • When you choose a real estate agent to sell your home, you are investing in that person and their expertise. Doesn’t it make sense that they should actually be selling your home, not just sticking a lockbox on the property?
  • Security. As mentioned before, everyone with a real estate license in California potentially has access to your home. While a majority of the lockboxes keep a log, it is best if you have someone at the property representing your best interests.
  • As your agent, it is my job to get you the best offer possible. The buyer’s agent using a lockbox wont do that for you. They are representing the buyer!
  • It is extremely important to educate every potential buyer on the neighborhood, building, and your home itself.
  • We go into your home 15 minutes before every showing to make sure it is ready to be shown. You only get one chance at a first impression! The buyer’s agent doesn’t have time to do that before every showing.
  • It only takes one buyer. My job is to make them fall in love with your home for the same reasons you did! For that to happen, I must be present.
  • Following up with answers the questions the buyer had is extremely important. It keeps them engaged and focused on your property. By seeing their concerns while we are at the property, I can try to address any issues that may arise.
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And Always Remember, It Matters Who You Work With!

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