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There have been many questions and discussions lately about the selected projects for the redevelopment of Seaport Village. There were 6 proposed projects back in June of this year. Each plan had the same purpose: to bring together the city’s greatest qualities and offer a new experience for both locals and tourists alike.

Finally, the San Diego Unified Port District board has selected (Seaport San Diego)  Protea Waterfront Development’s 1.2B proposal to replace Seaport Village following a 6-1 vote.

Seaport San Diego

The new Seaport San Diego’s envisioned plan is huge!

Take a look below at what is to come in the re-development of Seaport San Diego, an amazing addition for the future of downtown San Diego!

Parks and Public Space

75% of the new proposal is dedicated to park and public space. There are currently 4 possible public realm zones of Seaport, these include….

1. Pacific Promenade

  • Curated street performers.
  • Picnic and movie night at Ruacco Park, displayed by a mobile floating stage.
  • Fitness and wellness center, featuring a rubberized track and parkour course.
  • Food and coffee carts, featuring local vendors.

2. Pacific Place and Piazzza

  • Weekly sunset concerts
  • Laser/hologram shows using floating stage
  • Friday night Happy Hour & Beer Garden
  • PCH festival, annual festival celebrating California Coastline

3. Kettner Connection – Big Bay Park Experience

  • Outdoor events
  • Spillover education programming
  • Activity center where people can check out work-out gear, bike share center, and classes available at the park

4. District Core

  • Monthly night markets and food fairs
  • Annual Holiday market featuring art and craft fair

Smithsonian Media

From the media and business kings of Smithsonian Enterprises,  Smithsonian Institution will be taking their exhibits outside the walls of museum and immerse technology using 3-D to create an experience to educate, entertain, and advance tourism.

Click here for more information about Smithsonian Media for Seaport San Diego, 

The Spire

Seattle has the Space Needle, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, now San Diego has The Spire.

The Spire is an observation tower expected to be about 500 ft. tall and offers a 360 degree view of Downtown San Diego and beyond. This will be an architectural icon for San Diego to allow locals and visitors alike to discover San Diego in a new and educational way. It’s 20 minutes up and down and the top floor of the tower is expected to be an event space for galas, weddings, etc.

Click here for more information about The Spire.


San Diego is known for their Aquariums, from Birch Aquarium in La Jolla to the Seaworld Aquariums. Seaport San Diego is now going to feature a new state of the art aquarium to add to the list! Odysea Aquarium will be a 150,000 sq. ft., with a river and shores exhibit to a 1.5 million gallon deep sea diving experience with 25,000 fish. It will also feature an underwater escalator and touch screen tanks for interaction and many more! It will be a one of a kind experience that San Diego will offer!

Click here for more information about Odysea Aquarium for Seaport San Diego. 

Butterfly Wonderland

Butterfly Wonderland is a recreation of a tropical rainforest habitat where thousands of butterflies from around the world can fly freely. Through a 20-foot high window, people are going to be able to see one of nature’s greatest gift!


The redevelopment of San Diego’s bayfront offers a unique opportunity for San Diego students, educators, community members, and visitors to learn in the downtown area. With the partnership of University of San Diego, a 65,200 sq, ft. charter high school with a focus on marine biology and shipping logistics is currently in the works!

Click here for more information about the charter high school for Seaport San Diego. 

Beaches and Seaside Tidepools

San Diego is surrounded by beaches and bays. However, Downtown San Diego has been missing a “beach” for a very long time. However, now with the new proposal of Seaport San Diego, a new San Diego bay may exist! Available for the public, 365 days a year, this will be a new experience for all!


So where can tourists and visitors stay? No fear! A variety of lodging will be available to all travelers, convention goers, and families. 3 hotels will be a part of the many new projects of Seaport San Diego.

  • One will be a full service facility with Virgin Hotels. 
  • Second, will be in the “affordable luxury” category with Yotel Hotels.
  • Third, will be a Freehand hostel for those traveling around the world, it will have single bed rates as low as $60 a night!
Click here for more information about Hospitality of Seaport San Diego. 

Shopping & Public Market


Restaurants and Retail stores are bound to be one of the many new attractions of Seaport San Diego. From new wave fast food to next level fine dining, there will also be local vendor kiosks, monthly artisan markets, local beer gardens, and food fairs.

Public Market

Public markets have definitely become the trend lately, so its no surprise that the re-development of Seaport San Diego will also be having one! From fresh seafood to farm to table vendors and food options that range from ramen burgers to unique tasteful donuts, this public market is bound to have great expectations!

Expanded Esplanade and Outdoor Gym

Expect a brand new boardwalk and an open-air gym similar to the one in Venice Beach, California that features workout equipment, stationary bikes, a rubber track and even an Olympic size freshwater pool! San Diego is all about opting outside and these additions will truly live up to its motto!

For more information on the new Seaport San Diego, please click here!
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