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Whole Foods to Join the Downtown Scene

Get ready, Downtown San Diego! Whole Foods Market is set to open its doors in the heart of downtown, bringing a fresh, high-end grocery shopping experience right to your doorstep. Imagine stepping out of your home and into a world where quality, organic produce, and a variety of dietary preferences are catered to with care. This dream is becoming a reality at the base of the Front & A project, developed by Holland Partner Group. Here, Whole Foods will occupy a sprawling 50,000 square feet across the ground floor and mezzanine levels of a towering 34-story residential building. The building is expected to house 450 residential apartment units,  and is poised to complete by the second quarter of 2026.

Whole Foods Market is known for its commitment to quality and sustainability, providing a shopping experience that goes beyond just groceries. As a leader in natural and organic foods, Whole Foods is dedicated to stringent quality standards and supports sustainable agriculture. This makes it a perfect fit for the health-conscious and environmentally aware residents of downtown San Diego. The addition of Whole Foods means not just more convenience, but a promise of quality, freshness, and a range of options that cater to all dietary needs and preferences.

Whole Foods Details:

  • 201 W A Street, San Diego, CA 92101
  • Occupying approximately 50,000 square feet
  • In Columbia District on the Edge of Little Italy
  • Expected to have 693 Parking Spaces – 175 Reserved for Whole Foods
  • Building will be 34 Stories
  • Approximately 343 Feet Tall
  • Will contain about 450 apartment units
  • Expected to be Completed mid 2026

A Perfect Fit for Downtown San Diego and Little Italy

The arrival of Whole Foods in downtown San Diego is a game-changer, especially for the residents of Little Italy and Columbia District. Positioned at the intersection of Front & A streets, this location is more than just a spot on the map. It’s a central hub in a bustling city that’s all about growth, connection, and community. With Whole Foods stepping in, downtown San Diego is set to see an incredible boost in retail activation, promoting walkability and reducing the need for car trips. This aligns perfectly with the city’s vision for a vibrant, walkable downtown area that serves the daily needs of its urban community.

Specifically, for Little Italy—a neighborhood already known for its desirable and vibrant atmosphere—the addition of Whole Foods adds an unparalleled level of convenience and quality. Little Italy’s residents and visitors can now enjoy easy access to a premium grocery store that matches their lifestyle. The neighborhood’s charm is elevated with this addition, blending its rich cultural heritage with modern, sustainable living. Whole Foods not only complements the existing local dining and shopping options but enhances the overall quality of life in Little Italy and the broader downtown area.

Imagine the convenience of living in a place where everything you need is just a walk away. The addition of Whole Foods to this dynamic downtown area, particularly near Little Italy, is more than just convenient; it’s transformative. It represents a step towards a more sustainable, community-focused way of living, where quality and care are at the forefront. So, get excited! The future of downtown San Diego is bright, and it’s deliciously close to being realized.

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